Practical KPI’s for Product Managers

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In one sentence, the PM role definition: “Turning the company’s vision into tangible products that deliver value to the customer”. This article introduces the role characteristics of product managers:

  • Define the product long term strategy
  • Write the product roadmap
  • Analyze market trends
  • Analyze competitor’s offerings
  • Collaborate with marketing and sales…

And how to apply it to our day-to-day job in a practical way

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This article presents a list of characteristics and traits that define excellent product managers from my point of view.

The Will to Succeed — Winning Approach

An excellent product manager has a passion for winning and succeed in the role. In practical terms, it means:

  • Ambition, a passion for delivering value to the market, and a will…

This article describes a framework for the first ten steps in characterizing a new system’s user experience.

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When the product manager begins the process of characterizing a new system or product, it is his responsibility to research and define a wide range of aspects — for example, understanding the company’s objectives and business goals, technological characterization, setting its technical principles, defining the user experience, and understanding the…

This article explains why it is essential to perform competitor research and how to do it correctly, describes best practices and research methods.

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The product manager is responsible for the customer value proposition when using the product and to improve it continuously. As our company, there are competitors in the market that provide the same value and aim to the same target audience. …

What is creativity, and how can it be expressed in the role of product management?

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There are many definitions in the literature about what creativity is, but there are two common characteristics: creativity is to produce something new and beneficial.

It is not as trivial as it sounds; a creative action must meet these two requirements to be considered innovative. Not everything new is creative…

In this article, I share my insights as a product manager on an impact-driven product development squad.

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As a product manager, I have been working with a scrum development team for two years. I have noticed that in a development team that works on one product, each developer does his tasks, and there is a dependency between team members. For example, the backend developer has finished his…

Maayan Galperin

I believe that knowledge and practical tools are the keys to success in all areas of life. This is what I research, implement, train, and teach others to do.

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