Excitement, Creativity, a Strong Focus on Customers, and Lots of Energy Are All Traits of Great Product Managers

“You just have to be good at writing product requirements documents and making sure that the product gets built on time….”


Managing a successful product requires much more than that.

Here are 10 traits of a good product manager:

  1. Ability to communicate effectively.
  2. Open-mindedness.
  3. Empathy for users’ needs.
  4. Decision-making ability.
  5. Having a growth mindset — learn-it-all instead of a know-it-all approach.
  6. Master at the execution process.
  7. Use a “can-do” attitude to resolve complex problems.
  8. Attention to the smallest detail.
  9. Take overall responsibility for the entire process.
  10. Collaborate with all team members.

Maayan Galperin,

Product Manager



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