The Product Discovery Phase

It’s a common misconception that the Product Discovery Phase is only for new products. In fact, it’s just as important for existing products as well.

The Product Discovery Phase aims to uncover insights into the users’ needs, so we can build a product that delivers value.

This phase is the key to creating successful products.

✏️ Talk about long-term goals with stakeholders.

✏️ Plan according to the short-term goals.

✏️ Maintain the backlog — bugs and feature requests.

✏️ Conduct customer interviews.

✏️ Competitors analysis.

✏️ Market research.

✏️ Collaborating across the organization to brainstorm sessions.

In the Product Discovery phase, we discover what problems are worth solving. It helps us understand the customers’ needs, which in turn helps us create innovative solutions that solve real problems.

Maayan Galperin,



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