This Is a Game Changer

In the discovery process, founders must figure out how to position a new product in relation to its competitors.

To be better, to be bigger — is a situation where the product is compared to a competitor’s product. Throughout my career, I have learned that the strategy is to position the new product within a new category.
In other words, the goal is to find the “game-changer element” that causes the product to be defined within a unique and new domain.

Try to ask yourself:

  • What is the product’s fingerprint?

Make sure you stay in touch with the market, learn about users’ needs, and finally determine the main trends that are unique to your product.

Written by Maayan Galperin



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Maayan Galperin

Maayan Galperin


I believe that knowledge and practical tools are the keys to success in all areas of life. This is what I research, implement, train, and teach others to do.