What Is the Product Manager’s Role?

There is a wide range of responsibilities related to this role that can differ from company to company.

This is what Marissa Mayer wrote about the product management role:

“A PM is the person on a product team who is responsible for choosing the right problems to go after, defining what success looks like, and guiding their team to achieve successful outcomes.”

I completely love this definition!

We have overall responsibility for the product lifecycle without having authority.

From my perspective, leading without authority represents the ability to influence people by illustrating the product vision and increasing engagement by using data.

  • Discovering the real pain point of customers.
  • Finding new and unique opportunities.
  • Defining the scope of the solution.
  • Documenting the user’s workflows and system requirements.
  • Supporting the R&D and UX&UI teams to build the product.

And finally …

We are responsible for delivering great products that customers love and meeting business objectives.

Product Manager



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